Soul-nourishing Tree to Table Olive Oil


Savor golden moments around the table

The food we eat should reflect the beauty and abundance of nature and ecosystems; inspiring us to enjoy the present moment with people.  When we sit together to eat, we share, and this strengthens our connection to the planet and our community. 

Cultivating harmony with the Earth

Praise + gratitude for our local farmers

Hand-picked, Small Batch Production

The energy that goes into producing our products is ROOTED IN LOVE AND CARE

Vibrant wellness from the inside out

Feed your mind, body, and soul with the energy of pure love and passion for mother earth.

Soul-nourishing Tree to Table Olive Oil

We believe that nourishing our bodies while honoring our planet nourishes our souls in the most fundamental and beautiful way.

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Our core products are offered throughout the year. Look for our seasonal products introduced every Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall

Our olive oil is locally sourced in California from makers who are members of the California Olive Oil Council.

We have built relationships with these farmers and makers throughout the years and know their orchards, best practices, harvest times, and millers so that we are connected to our product from start to finish.

Flavors of the Season

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Our seasonal gatherings are about elevating life and our overall well-being through connecting deeply with nature, community, and food. We hope you’ll join us this season!

We believe less is more when it comes to the ingredients in our recipes and strive to elevate simple food while cultivating a healthy balance in life through daily habits and wellness practices that nurture mind, body, and soul.

Finding time to gather and celebrate with loved ones is as vital a ritual in the balancing act of life as self-reflection, daily routine, and time in nature. 

Join us each season for new simple recipes that highlight the season’s bounty.

We host a gathering each season to welcome the new season and a new collection of seasonal products we want to inspire you to use at home. 

We’ll feature local food professionals, educators, and makers who share our philosophy. We’ll showcase simple recipes and tips for feel-good entertaining!

Whether you’re in the food or wellness business, or love to cook, bake, or entertain, we hope you’ll allow us to come along on your journey of exploration and elevated living. 

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