So much to do! Love & Sustainability for All locations

So much to do! Love & Sustainability for All locations

May your day be spent in celebration and joy with loved ones. Perhaps a pancake breakfast surprise or a picnic in the park. Our chocolate almond butter and JUST IN INNA Jams are sure to delight. Or how about a mocktail sweetly spiked with INNA Shrubs? Enjoy ginger, grapefruit, and peach vinegar shrubs mixed with sparkling water and garnished with a sprig of rosemary or basil. So pretty and refreshing! 


We're also very excited to announce the birth of our new partnership with Simple Shop in Cole Valley. This woman-owned refillery will now offer Olive This Olive That oils and vinegars on tap! Join us for a launch party on Saturday, 4-6pm.

Popping Up at Landline Home
Saturday, May 11th 12-3pm

Still looking for Mother's Day gifts? Tony Leo, owner of LandLine Home on Valencia street curates a beautiful shop full of goodies for the home. You can find our olive oil and vinegar sets there plus some lovely vintage or new home goods.
We'll be pouring olive oil and vinegar from 12-3 pm on Saturday.

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