Mother's Day Choc and Olive Oil Tasting

Mother's Day Choc and Olive Oil Tasting

Happy Mother's Day!

All day chocolate and olive oil tasting this weekend! Stop by with mom for some tasty treats. Ethereal Confections makes some delicious dark choclate bars - single origins - and inclusions such as Strawberry and Rose Petal, Orange and Ginger, Scorpion Pepper, and Pistachio Cranberry. 

We level up the flavor with extra virgin and flavored oils. Such a surprising treat!! Pick up some bars and picnic goodies while you're there and head out for a wildflower hike with mom.

If you need a last-minute Mother’s Day gift, we’ve got you covered for that too.



Vinegar in Your Cocktail?

Spritzers and Prosecco
We say YES to that!
The temp is finally heating up, so a cocktail or mocktail might be on the activity list this weekend. 

Some of our favorite vinegar choices include pineapple or mango white balsamic in Prosecco topped with a sprig of mint. Or make a ‘vinegar coke’ with our plum basil or blackberry oregano vinegar added to sparkling water stir with a sprig of rosemary.

Delightfully refreshing!



Rest & Restore Yoga for Mother's Day

Our dear friend, Susan Topf, will be guiding a Mother’s Day restorative aromatherapy class at Yoga Flow in Noe Valley. Sounds yummy.


This Is My Mom

I’m super grateful to have such love and support from her my entire life. She lives life with gusto, always looking on the bright side of things. Works and plays hard. 
Her love for her friends and family is fierce. She embraces change and adventure with optimism. She’s been my role model, my guide, my cheerleader, my biggest supporter, and most importantly, my friend. And she’s always game for a dessert! 
Thank you, Mom, for being you and giving me such a love of life!
And thank you to all moms out there in all forms who do the very best they can to raise us little lights into good humans.
 “Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply give you courage.”
- Lao-tzu