What is the COOC (California Olive Oil Council)

The California Olive Oil Council (COOC) is a trade association with the mission of encouraging the consumption of certified California extra virgin olive oil through education, outreach and communications. Olive This Olive That owner, Janell Pekkain, is a proud member of the COOC, and therefore holds very high standards for the EVOO sold in her shop.

The COOC is committed to upholding the highest standards within the olive oil industry through its Seal Certification Program.

What is extra virgin olive oil?

Extra virgin olive oil is the highest grade of olive oil, and is made from only olives, and milled by a mechanical process that does not change the natural state of the oil (temperature is key). It must pass a chemical analysis and a sensory valuation. It can have no defects (which is determined by a trained Sensory Panel), and must meet the criteria set by the International Olive Oil Council or California Olive Oil Council for chemical analysis.

Can I bake with olive oil?

Using olive oil instead of butter is a great way to cut saturated fats out of your favorite treats and keep your cakes wonderfully moist and flavorful. Baking with extra virgin olive oil is easy and you use less than you would of butter. See our simple conversion chart below. We usually recommend using one of our milder extra virgin olive oil for baked goods.

Can I cook with olive oil?

Absolutely! Contrary to popular belief, the smoke point of extra virgin olive oil is quite high. Read more on our page.


How can I determine an extra virgin olive oil’s harvest date?

To ensure you have the freshest EVOO, it is best to buy olive oil produced from the most recent harvest (so the previous fall — if it’s coming from the same hemisphere — which often isn’t available to consumers until the following new year). That said, many bottles will not state a harvest date, but rather only an expiration date, which can be misleading. That’s why it is best to buy bottles that list a specific (and recent) harvest date, and why buying from experts ensures you’re getting not only the freshest but also the highest-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Should I wait to use my olive oil?

No. Olive oil is a fresh fruit juice and starts to deteriorate the minute the olives are picked from the tree. Consume your olive oil sooner rather than later, especially once you’ve opened your bottle.

How long does extra virgin olive oil last?

Olive oil starts deteriorating the minute the olive is pulled from the tree, and whether the resulting extra virgin olive oil remains of good quality until the expiration date depends on various factors, from the type of olive, to how it’s produced, and where/how it’s stored. It is more likely that your olive oil will last longer if you purchase from a trusted seller (like us!) who can help you understand how to get the most out of your EVOO.

What are the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil?

The potential health benefits of extra virgin olive oil are numerous, with studies thus far showing that it may help to prevent breast cancer, aid in weight loss, boost metabolism, reduce heart problems, reduce bad cholesterol levels, and much more.

How do choose an olive oil?

There are many ways to ensure that you are getting high-quality extra virgin olive oil. Some of them include: buying EVOO from the most recent harvest, buying EVOO that is stored in dark glass or in a non-transparent container, purchase from a retailer you trust (and even taste the oil yourself), and look for a seal that shows the EVOO’s been approved by a tasting panel (such as the COOC).

Is “light olive oil” healthier?

No. Olive oil labeled as “Light olive oil” has been refined and has therefore been stripped of its healthiest properties (not to mention that it has the same amount of calories as other olive oils). Read more on our 


Is green olive oil better?

No. Color is not an indicator of quality or freshness. Read more on ourOlive Oil Mythspage.

Can I refill my olive oil bottles at Olive This Olive That

Yes, here’s how:

REUSE & REFILL: When you return your bottle CLEAN & DRY and we can refill it for YOU and are very happy to give you a discount. $2 off each bottle!

HOW TO CLEAN BOTTLES: First, rinse with hot water to get excess oil or vinegar out. Put in the dishwasher or wash with a little mild soap and let hang dry.  If there is remaining olive oil, hand rinse with distilled white vinegar or baking soda and rinse again with hot water. Hang upside down to dry.

WHY DO BOTTLES NEED TO BE CLEAN & DRY: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a fresh fruit product, so it has a shelf life. Oxidized or rancid olive oil left in a bottle will taint the fresh olive oil. Vinegars are a fermented product and have a much longer shelf life and are much easier to clean too.

RECYCLE: Please recycle bottles at home if you do not plan to refill them.

How do the Olive Oil and Vinegar clubs work?

Join our olive oil and vinegar clubs to receive a discount on your regular purchases of olive oil and vinegar, as well as other purchases from Olive This Olive That. Read more on ourolive oil club page.

Will rancid olive oil make me sick?

No, it just tastes bad and lacks the health benefits of fresh high-quality extra virgin olive oil. You may be consuming rancid olive oil and not even know it. If your olive oil tastes and smells like stale peanuts or nuts, old salami, waxy crayons, or leaves a waxy thick coating in your mouth that lingers too long, then it’s rancid and you should get rid of it and replace it with fresh quality EVOO. You’ll notice a difference in flavor and taste right away. The health benefits will also be much greater.