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Our Process

Our olive oil  is locally sourced in California from makers who are members of the California Olive Oil Council. We have built relationships with these farmers and makers throughout the years and know their orchards, best practices, harvest times, and millers so that we are connected to our product from start to finish.
Turning olives into olive oil is an ancient art. To create quality extra virgin, a few things need to happen. It starts with good fruit that’s been nurtured throughout the year. Determining harvest at the right time is next. Then it’s the getting those beautiful olives to the mill within 24 hours for milling. The milling is overseen by a quality miller who coaxes out flavor and monitors the entire process. The end result should be vibrant, effervescent, and exhilarating! Finally, storage is critical too. Keeping olive oil away from heat, air, and light is critical to keeping freshness.