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Tanisha of San Francisco, CA

Found this place while looking for something different to experience in the city. They have a wide selection of olive oils and vinegars - both infused and non-infused. Along with a selection of spices, kitchenware, sauces, and handmade pasta.

Having olive oil by itself was not something I'd done before (or considered) and they were kind to let me do a little tasting of whatever appealed to me. From blood orange infused olive oil to chocolate infused balsamic vinegar - they have it all! Learned about the process of making both, how they're sourced, and what makes them so good. A personal favourite was their 12 year aged pure balsamic vinegar. It was unlike any I've tasted before - sweet, acidic, and slightly fruity at the same time!

They offer tastings all year round. Additionally, anyone interested in olive picking can also go do it with the owner at the farm & learn about the entire process, but that takes place only a couple of times in November/December each year.

Maya K. of San Francisco, CA

We've walked by this store since it opened and for some reason never walked in. I have no idea why. Today we came in and bought a pomegranate balsamic vinegar which was really nice.

We might be late to the party as it were but I plan on coming back often. I want to try the chocolate and raspberry balsamic and the olive oils!

Patrick Z. of Concord, CA

This place exceeded my expectations. I didn't know what to expect, but I sure was wow'd. The staff was great. They gave me some bread cubes to use for tasting the olive and vinegar. They were helpful when asked questions. I ended up buying four bottles. We gave two away as a gift and kept two for ourselves.

Uli B. of London, UK

I love that shops like this (still) exist!

I first met Janelle, the owner of this shop, when I was organizing a Rainbow Bazaar at our office featuring LGBTQ+ owned businesses. Janelle was such a joy to work with and she's been to more markets like this ever since. She's a bundle of energy!

I also paid a visit to her shop in Noe Valley a few months ago and loved everything about it: big jars of olive oil make you feel like you're in a candy shop for culinary geeks.

Paul B. of Indio, CA

The greatest little shop for olive oil and vinegars and pasta and cool kitchen ware. You have to see this place!! Janell is the greatest personality running this place and have an online presents.

C.J. T. of San Mateo, CA

Janell was so inviting and enthusiastically educated us on olive oil and the options available. Due to my indecisiveness and lean towards buttery, we went with the kitchen blend and the mild Ascolano for dipping. Very excited to try these! We will be back for bread, balsamic and pasta! She also gave a great tip if you spill olive oil, that baking soda will get it right out!

Jamie P. of CA, CA

Fabulous selection of olive oils, vinegars, and lots of other items. It's a great place to shop for gifts and the owner and staff are friendly and helpful. They also make an effort to sell products made by local businesses.

M. A. of San Francisco, CA

Delicious olive oil!
They have kitchen accessories too. I got a beautiful gift box for my oil and vinegar sets. It's the perfect gift for the holidays and the packaging was lovely.

Heidi-Jane S. of San Francisco, CA

I would just like the owner to know what a stellar employee she has working for her. I was there yesterday (Sunday, March 8th) in the early afternoon and the lovely woman working there (whose name escapes me but she introduced herself and was so kind!)...could not have been more helpful. I have seen her on several occasions and she really puts her heart and soul into helping the customers, which is rare to see in customer service these days. She is a real joy. I figured you already knew how great she is but it doesn't hurt to send a reminder!: )
Thank you so much for showing me how to make my salads delicious with your beautiful products. The pairing of the Persian lime olive oil with the honey ginger white balsamic vinegar is my new favorite.

Anna F. of Kentfield, CA

I was in a pickle, in the middle of a pandemic. Janelle saved the day. Wanting desperately to gift some wonderful clients on the day they became the owners of their first home, I was searching google and stumbled on this store. I couldn't go there and I couldn't see what was in the store. But the reviews were great. And, when I started talking to Janelle, I knew I was in good hands. She walked me through her recommendations of items for a basket that included choices of gluten free pasta, sauce, tapenade, crackers, finishing oil, chocolate and more. She assembled the basket, sent me a picture for approval, stayed in my budget and personally delivered it that evening! It was perfect, and our clients were delighted. I cannot wait until I can shop there myself. I am grateful!

Ann L. of San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Went to Olive This Olive That because they had a sign outside when I was in Noe Valley for their Harvest Festival Sat 10/27/12 & they have FREE Tastings! They've been open for 4 months.

I tried a sample of brownies made from Olive Oil. In any recipe that calls for 1 Cup Butter use 3/4 Cup Olive Oil instead!

Tried out many of the Extra Virgin Olive Oils - just drink a tiny bit of it. Bottles 1 for $17; 2 for $30

Balsamic Vinegars - they have white balsamic vinegars - that's cool. Try the Dark Chocolate - wow! So many other flavors I tried & liked. Bottles 1 for $17; 2 for $30

Pastas - made in Denver CO I think the worker told me, many different ones, I should have bought a bag, but didn't. $8/bag.

Sea salts: mild 5oz, Robust 5oz for $10. I didn't try any.

Worth a visit.

Hrs: M-F 11-7; Sat 10-7; Sun 11-5

Rob K. of San Francisco, CA

Tremendous resource for olive oil and balsamic vinegar. They feature extra virgin olive oils grown by small california producers. Always have about six-to-eight top notch choices. It's remarkable how different each olive oil tastes -- you really get to appreciate olive oil at its best at a place like this. Prices are really good considering the quality, and for locals they even give you a discount if you bring back your old bottles for refill. They also have a great selection of balsamics, white and red, from California and Italy. Also a fun selection of infused oils and balsamics -- great for salads, and gifts. They let you taste just about everything, and will take the time to educate you about the different variety of oils and vinegars.

Galen W. of San Francisco, CA

A Christmas book, "Extra Virginity", got me searching for California olive oil because it turns out that a lot/most "extra virgin Italian" olive oils aren't defect-free as extra virgins are supposed to be and they often aren't even from Italy. Apparently Califiornia has legal standards and a community of growers that are into oil, so buying Californian is a good thing to do.

The book warned against big brands and stores saying that consumers there were very price sensitive so the stores had no incentive to pay for the genuine stuff. The book pointed to a place in Berkley and mentioned some online stores, but I wanted a local store, if possible.

I went once to the Ferry Building and found a couple places there that had certificed organic California olive oil, and one of the shops let you taste its two (only 2!) different types of oil with bread. But, when I ran out of the oil I had bought, I wasn't rushing to refill. What I had bought was apparently a year old (too old for olive oil) and really expensive. Besides, the super tourist feel of the Ferry Building just didn't make me want to fight the gawking crowds for what really is a stable food.

Then, I stumbled accross Olive This, Olive That while looking for parking in Noe Valley. I found a spot in front of the store, and went in to see if the sign out front really pointed to a business that was dedicated to selling olive oil. As soon as I entered, I felt I had walked into a model for where you're supposed to buy olive oil.

The place is relaxed, clean, and equipped with tiny tasting cups. "Extra Virginity" explained how I was supposed to taste oil -- not with bread like at the Ferry Building -- but in a tiny aip which you aerate in the back of your mouth. And, here was a store set up for its customers to do a proper tasting.

Moreover, Janell, the shopkeeper was friendly, low-key, and spectacularly knowledgable. She explained the differences among the oils, offered tastings, refreshed my memory on how to taste the oil, and made spot-on suggestions. I wound up leaving with two types of olive oil, a traditional aged balsamic vinegar, and a dark chocolate balsamic vinegar.

What great tastes the first three added to the vegatables and salad! The chocolate balasmic has been reserved for ripe strawberries, but I'm looking for other sweet food that can handle both vinegar and chocolate because that vinegar is both unique and conversation-stoppingly wonderful.

I have been back several times since. Initially I stayed away from oils and vinegars blended with herbs, garlic, or other flavors. I figured I could do add-ins myself. But, then I saw OTOT at a Golden Gate Business Association event where they had their tasting cups out. Janell let me taste the Person lime olive oil and then mixed it with a rasberry balsamic. Wow! I bought!

Since then I've added their ancho chili (non-balsamic) vinegar to our shelves along with an green apple balsamic. That combination is an attention getter!

Okay, this is not a cooking show, so I won't list all of the different flavors I've tried and used. But, the point is that OTOT is stocked with enough truly extra virgin, California olive oil and a selection of unusual-but-tasty vinegars that it is destination store. You can bring your out-of-town friends, taste the different olive oils and vinegars, and have them buy a quality memento of their visit. Or, just come yourself, stock up, and serve your family and friends some damn tasty, unique blends.

OTOT is my best find of the year.

Guilherme S. of San Francisco, CA

Awesome experience walking in, tasting and talking about food. Great spot for gifts but also filling up your personal stash of olive oil and vinegar.

Mickey A. of Santa Barbara, CA

What a wonderful food find . . . right in the heart of Noe Valley.

Not only got a nice education on both the world of olive oil, balsamic vinegar and specialty pasta, but had a delicious time mixing and matching different flavors. Thank you to Jonah who was our helpful and gracious host for the morning.

Very excited to now have this wonderful shop for holiday shopping. So many fun ideas for food baskets this year.

Congratulations to the owners of this wonderful little store. We will definitely be back with our hungry friends.

Joe M. of Boca Raton, FL

Love this little shop. Got to try lots of vinegars and oils. Janell was most helpful. Love, love, love the 18 year old aged balsamic vinegar. Could drink it out of the bottle.

Martha X. of La Jolla, CA

Janell: thank you for the sampling and chat during my recent visit to your store. I can't wait to indulge in my purchase and look forward to returning! Merci!

Michelle M. of Palomar Park, CA

My good friend who lives just around the corner from this shop, were walking the streets and stumbled into this shop. My friend being a virgin at Olive Oil test tasting had a blast. He purchased the 2 for $30 deal. I think if you really want to get serious with the sampling, you should bring in your own loaf of bread to see how it tastes. The owner can't afford to feed people bread and pay his rent.

Their basalmics are so good! I really want to get some more for myself. I have to wait for my boyfriend to go with me. Or else it is like cheating when I pick out the food. Haha.

We went on a Saturday and there was a lady selling amazing flan in front of their store for $3 each. What a great day. I had flan and olive oil.

Bob L. of San Francisco, CA

...i love going here...never know what i'm going in for...have liked every product i've walked out with...the dark chocolate balsalmic with strawberries is heaven...

Kristoffer R. of Potrero Hill, San Francisco, CA

Awesome products of the highest quality.

These oils and balsamic really adds extra to any dish and you can tell the difference between these oils and your regular olive oils. Love to experiment and mix it up.

I would it a try if you haven't been there yet. I'm sure you won't regret it.

Excellent service too!

Zuri P. of Portland, OR

Hands down the best place to get Olive Oil in the Bay Area!

I could spend hours in this place just tasting all of their different olive oils and vinegars and just chatting with the staff. The staff is super knowledgeable on olive oil and will make great suggestions on what to try. They even sell locally made pastas (they even have gluten-free pasta as well!!!) and hold special evening events here once a month where you can try finished recipes made with their products.

As an added bonus, if you get on their mailing list, you will have the chance to participate in field trips to olive farms and the like. I just came back from an olive harvesting adventure in Calaveras County where I got to make my own olive oil and meet lots of new, fun people.

Super sweet and helpful staff + high-quality, yummy products= THE winning combination.

I am a die-hard customer for life :)

Dinora G. of Oakland, CA

Your store is simply deliciously fantastic, what a great gem of a find during my walk while visiting my aunt in Noe Valley. I just checked your website and thank you for the recipes with pictures. Can't wait to go back and try other flavors.


Carol L. of San Francisco, CA

Just stopped by this store to check it out, and I'm glad I did! Super cute store with a ton of varieties of olive oil and balsamic vinegar -- you mix and match and taste! The blood orange evoo + chocolate balsamic is insanely delicious. The blood orange evoo + blueberry balsamic was another great match. They've also got some hand-made pasta from Colorado too.

Cute place, will be back to buy these as presents for sure.

Patty S. of San Rafael, CA

I've been shopping at Olive This Olive That almost since it opened and have always been very pleased and satisfied with their products. Those whom I've gifted with their olive oils and balsamic vinegars have always been very appreciative. The owners of the shop are helpful and attentive and knowledgeable. And the tastings are great fun.

Eric A. of San Francisco, CA

What an awesome store!

I came here after it opened 3 weeks ago and simply love this place. It's a hidden gem here in Noe Valley and I'm not aware of any store like it.

If anyone wants Olive Oil or Balsamic Vinegar, this is the place to go.

Absolutely 5 Stars

Barbara M. of San Francisco, CA

This is the best kept secret in San Francisco. It's a beautiful little shop in Noe Valley that has the best quality and most delicious olive oils that you can taste, enjoy and purchase. Janell the owner is a treasure trove of knowledge and can help you create a gift or determine the best oils and vinegars for your needs-health and cooking! I take all my out of towners here for a unique SF experience. Also Janell does classes, tastings and fun corporate events. Don't miss this shop. I'm addicted to the persian lime oil. It elevates dressings, salads and vegetarian dishes!

Cinnamon Z. of San Francisco, CA

Absolutely superb olive oil. I'm really fussy, and I have bought (and continue to buy and try) olive oils from all over the world - but for me Olive This Olive That's olive oil is my number one.

I make my own mayonnaise, lovingly beating it with a whisk slowly and methodically until it becomes yellow gold. Their olive oil makes it sing.

I don't understand the rant of that Michael person. He seems angry and like someone who finds fault everywhere. If you look at my reviews you'll see I'm a love it or hate it kind of girl, but when I don't like something it's for very precise reasons.

Anyway, this is a very wonderful shop with great olive oil. The owners are as delightful as what they create. For me it's a destination and I don't even like Noe Valley!

M F. of Portland, OR

As others have mentioned, this little shop is very welcoming. You can try as many of the olive oils and vinegars as you want; there are little plastic cups easily accessible so that you can help yourself in case the shop keeper is otherwise engaged.

You receive a discount if you bring your cleaned bottle back for refilling. It's either $1 or $2 off, and you may need to explicitly ask for it if Janelle is not working. Also, if you sign up for their email newsletter, they'll let you know in advance about special events and tastings.

Sue L. of San Francisco, CA

Best new store I have been to in a log time!

Not only is the product high quality, but the packaging is spectacular . This shop has become my 'go to' shop for hostess gifts and the friend who has everything.

This months favorite for me: grapefruit balsamic. Give it a try!

Syd P. of San Francisco, CA

This shop has the best olive oil around. They have so many kinds, and the oil is smooth and flavorful. They also have the best balsamic vinegars, including a variety of exotic flavors. The owner is incredibly friendly, and there is wonderful customer service! Would highly recommend.

Tristan Z. of Hillsborough, CA

Found this olive oil heaven while wandering around Noe Valley. We wandered in, and Janelle (one of the owners) immediately greeted us with a big smile. She helped us taste 5-10 different olive oils, explaining how to taste them (for the lighter ones, you're supposed to warm them a bit to release the aroma) and generally just being awesome to some olive oil newbies.

The infused balsamic oils here were amazing. Some of my favorites were the lavender and apricot. She will also mix them for you, and I ended up buying one of the blood orange and strawberry mixes (excited to put it on some pancakes, or ricotta mixed with vanilla and honey). The lemongrass and mint mixed one was also phenomenal.

For the EVOO, I bought the chipotle (nice smokey flavor) and green chili extra virgin olive oils. The green chili one has a GREAT kick to it.

They also sell a big variety of pasta (a lot of gluten free pasta!--mostly quinoa and corn based), salts, and some other small things (e.g. olive oil based body lotion, tasting plates).

It's a shame this place isn't on 24th; even though it's only a few storefronts down from the middle of 24th, we almost missed it walking by. But based on the deliciousness and Janelle being awesome to us, I will absolutely be back next time I'm in the area and recommend everyone checks it out.

Arkay K. of San Francisco, CA

Great selection of domestic and imported olive oil, with wide range of flavor profiles from buttery to grassy. Nice to have a neighborhood option to obtain high quality olive oil. They also have a shockingly large variety of flavored balsamic vinegars, which is not my thing but have to say it was really fun tasting a few of the more adventurous ones (lavender, dark chocolate) and pairing them with the olive oils. They also have tons of dried pastas. Owner Janelle was well informed and super helpful.

Reserving one star because they didn't let you fill your own bottle/buy in bulk to reduce use of unnecessary packaging, but that's a minor point. We'll definitely be going back.

M B. of San Francisco, CA

Great store. Went to go find a different kind of hostess gift than the typical wine or flowers. Staff member that helped was attentive and very informative. Even offered up an idea for what to pair with the black cherry balsamic we were mulling over. They have these cute little bamboo gift sets that will make the perfect presentation for our host. Decently priced too! I will return for that mission fig balsamic vinegar!

Laura D. of San Francisco, CA

Everyone that works here is super helpful, knowledgeable and nice. Their oils are amazing and as nervous as I was doing and "oil tasting" something I had no clue about, they were nothing but helpful, sweet and happy to explain things about olive oil I didn't even know to ask! I've been refilling my oils here (check their refill policy for reusing bottles) for a few months and had a great experience every time. They will even suggest really unique recipes. I've tried so far the Kalamata and Manzanilla olive oils and the traditional dark 12 year balsamic and love them all.

Courtney Y. of San Francisco, CA

First off, let me just say that I am so happy this cute little specialty shop opened up in my neighborhood! I make a point to support the locally owned businesses which are having a harder and harder time staying afloat lately.

I popped in on a quiet weekday afternoon and almost made myself sick tasting the vast variety of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. I love that you can taste each one before you buy it, or even mix the vinegar and oil together to figure out the best pairing! The olive oils are arranged from mild on the left to robust on the right. I was specifically looking for a flavorful olive oil that would be perfect for dipping my homemade fresh baked bread into but mild enough to combine well with vinegar or citrus as a salad dressing. The one I chose to purchase is the California Frontoio which is 3rd from the right in the robust side of the spectrum.

For vinegar, I was most intrigued with the white balsamic. It had a sweet and complex flavor like the regular traditional balsamic, but there was something different about it, it tasted grapier. Is grapier a word? Well, that's the best way I can describe it. If I wanted the flavor of balsamic without the dark color, white balsamic would be perfect! However, my choice of vinegar to purchase on this day was the traditional 18 year aged balsamic. The minute I tasted it, I was in love. Thicker than balsamics aged for far less time, it has a syrupy consistency perfect for drizzling. The taste is complex and better than any balsamic I have ever had for this price.
Yes, the price. Which leads me to the best part... each bottle of vinegar and oil are priced the same. Doesn't matter which varietal you get. Right now they have a deal which is 2 bottles for $30. When I realized that the aged balsamic is a steal at $15, it was a no-brainer to take advantage of that deal.

I was also told that if you return the bottle clean and dry (dishwasher seems the best way to accomplish that), you can get a refill for $1 less. I asked if that meant if I brought back and refilled two at a time, that it would be $28 for two bottles of any vinegar or oil, it doesn't have to be the same ones you bought before. The gentleman helping said yes so I'm looking forward to returning!

One last thing, I would love it if the shop sold or simply supplied small bits of bread as an option to use to taste the olive oils which I find more pleasant than sipping them plain.

Jordan C. of San Francisco, CA

Very friendly people who are clearly happy to assist you. it's just the right size shop with olive oils on one side and balsamic vinegar on the other, with plenty of tasting cups. Also in the middle they have flavor infused pasta. I purchased the porcini mushroom linguine and it was amazing.

Janet L. of Millbrae, CA

Excellent olive oil, pasta, balsamic vinegar, and customer service...great location...it's the only oil I use.

Kyle M. of Petaluma, CA

We came in and tried a great variety of oils until we found a couple that perfectly suited our upcoming night in.

Gregory A. of Cupertino, CA

what a cute store, filled with a decent selection of olive oils and other related goods. When I say "decent", I mean not overwhelming . . . not trying to push everything in your face. Thoughtful range and everything high quality. Not cheap, of course, but worth it. I'd rather have a spoonful of the good stuff than a cup of the c_ _ p.

TheOne L. of San Francisco, CA

Woman-run gourmet food shop. Tons of unique olive oils and vinegars. I like mixing the Persian lime olive oil with the ancho chili vinegar for salads. Can't be better. Also like the maple balsamic - thick and syrupy deliciousness. I get gifts there and also plenty of stuff for myself! Nicest woman runs the shop.

Liza S. of San Francisco, CA

I loved this place from the moment I walked in. The shop owner was unbelievably lovely to talk to, knew lots about the olive oils (all grown and pressed in California, then bottles right there when you order). All of the olive wood is brought in direct from Tunisia- old wood and not cut down to produce. I bought a beautiful bowl and spoon set and a bottle of their lightest olive oil, really nutty, mild, and peppery. I will be back for more!

Julia M. of San Francisco, CA

I love the store and the location. We really needed one here! The owners are wonderful and they taught us how to taste the olive oils (much like wine tasting!) Great selection of oil, vinegars and pasta. Beautiful decor. I love the lighting! Can't wait to run out of oil so I can come back and get more!

Marvin T. of Oakland, CA

Wonderful store and not to be missed. Make a special trip and check out the rest of 'hood as well. I'm going back soon with a visiting friend from back East who's a total vinegar snob. Shouldn't a be a problem!

Emily W. of Rohnert Park, CA

I was really impressed by the amount of olive oils and balsamic this store had to offer. The chocolate marshmallow balsamic was unexpected and delicious. They will help you pair the two to make a an unexpected dressing (lime oil and coconut balsamic). There was also a nice selection of gourmet pastas (gluten free included). If you appreciate olive oil you have to go here.

Dennis M. of San Francisco, CA

Just found this place by accident. they have a great selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars. The flavors were incredible. I tasted several combinations of oli and vinegar. Couldn't believe the number of flavors. They also have nice pastas and sea salt

Jaime Patricio M. of San Francisco, CA

Wonderful and diverse selection of olive oils-infused and non. Wonderful selection of Balsamicos and flavoured vinegars. An inspired comment to category and retail operation. Slightly off of 24 and easily found. One of my favourite stores in San Francisco.

Shawn C. of San Francisco, CA

Absolutely LOVE this store, there is a great variety of products and drop in every 3-4 weeks to stock up on more. I'm in LOVE with the 12-year old balsamic, just give me a straw and the blood orange infused olive oil, so tasty! Also I would suggest disregarding the review by "Michael K", he clearly missed the WHOLE point And yes, not everyone can score pricey real estate on 24-Th street, so even more reason to tell your friends about this little gem!

Will D. of San Francisco, CA

Fairly large, diverse selection of olive oils. I'd say 50% California and 50% international.

D M. of San Diego, CA

I love this place. The staff and owner know their stuff and are really friendly. The olive oil is top notch. There are lots of choices for flavored oils and vinegars, and they give you ideas on dishes to make with them. Worth a stop!

Lisa V. of San Francisco, CA

I love this store!!! They have the best variety of olive oils along with balsamics, fun flavors of dried pasta and a plethora of other interesting items. The best part is, you can taste all the oils/balsamics before you purchase so you know exactly what you are getting. Janell, the owner, is very friendly but is also very knowledgable about all the products especially the oils. She has recipe suggestions and knows what each oil/balsamic pairs well with. This store is great when cooking at home and wonderful when a birthday, housewarming or host/hostess gift is in order. I purchased gifts here many times and they even wrap it up for you. I highly suggest checking them out!

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Reviews from GOOGLE MAPS

The Pooch Coach (Beverly Ulbrich)

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. An amazing collection of olive oil and balsamic vinegar, and some other little surprises as well!

Alicia DiGiammarino

I highly recommend booking a private tasting here for your next team building event. To accompany the five oils we tasted, Janell created a gorgeous spread of fresh produce with gourmet cheeses, salami and chocolate. The aroma of the first oil was so deliciously pungent I almost fell backwards off my seat. In addition to a jar of cavelstrano olives and a bottle of Janell and Erin’s own olive oil brand (Prmry), I walked out the door with several helpful tidbits on how to choose and store olive oil. Janell also knows a lot about the olive industry in California and sources her goods mostly from local farmers.

Mira Jones

High quality olive oils and lots of other tasty, well curated goodies. The owner is committed to featuring local products by diverse makers, so you can find some nice treats that support cool local producers.

Phuong Mai

I love this cute shop! It's a bit tucked away from the main 24th St corridor, but well worth a visit. They have a great selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegars, including many flavored varieties. They even do bottle refills! There's a bunch of pasta, seasonings, and great gift options as well. Highly recommend stopping in and doing a little tasting when you can.

Dave M

What an amazing selection of oils! It's all available in just about any volume you want, from wee bottles to 750 mL to full gallon growers. They also have pastas and other foods, and at least during the pandemic, have a mini-bookshelf of cookbooks from Folio Books up the street. Janell, the proprietor, is knowledgeable about her product, and super-friendly and helpful.

Susan Young

Fantastic oil and vinegar shop with a great selection of local oils, vinegar, honey and more! Staff are helpful and friendly.

Nikki Garcia

the best olive oil store!! Such high quality products


Great selection of oil and vinegar and more importantly very nice service.

Cameron Savage

Love this place. The olive oils and vinegars are all delicious. And they are so friendly.

Highly recommend the lemon and basil olive oils. Haven't been disappointed by any of the flavors, either.

It's cool you can recycle your bottle back to them for a discount on a next bottle, too.

Teresa Fitzgerald

Recently stopped into this lovely Noe Valley store to buy a special gift for a culinary-sophisticated friend. Janell, Adrienne and Ananda were all working and were super friendly & helpful (as always!). I ended up with 2 bottles of PRMRY olive oil (Enhance & Transform) that my friend LOVED! Thx OTOT for being a super go-to spot for foodie specialties!

Carl Payne

Nice little mom and pop kinda shop with a good selection of olive oils and balsamic vinegar. They also have some dried pastas and an assortment of little gift items. All of the oils and vinegar's are available for sampling out of a cup or with bread so be sure to try a few. I ended up buying the pineapple infused balsamic (which is terrific) as well as some pasta. Great spot to find gifts.

Graham Trummell

I bought a nice peppery local California olive oil that I have loved cooking with for the last month. I like that they sell smaller bottles so you can cook with a variety for a while and have the option to get more of the same or try a new flavor. They are super friendly, and very accommodating if you are waiting in line for Saru sushi! If you have more than about 15 minutes, you should definitely stop in - better yet, go early and taste more oils and vinegars! They have a sesame oil and a vinegar I intend to try next time.

Albertino M.

I had business to take care nearby, but came too early in the day. Following day I return to check it out. Owners are good conversationalist with recommendation in mind. You can tell they're experienced and responsible in what they deal with. This shop deals in high-end olive products and nothing less. Good shop for olive lover and enthusiast. Street parking is easy, but they're metered.

LD Dean

Janelle is amazing and had extensive knowledge about her products and is very friendly and excited about helping you find the perfect oil or vinegar you need. Reasonably priced too!! All California with harvest dates. Will definitely be frequenting this place!


I just received my near to impossible to find English Toffee Balsamic Vinegar. I tasted this in Savannah, GA and brought only a sample home because I figured I'd order more later. Wrong! No one had it, not even the place I got the original from, they no longer stock it. I kept looking and hunting for it and found it on Olive This Olive That. I ordered it and received it today. It looks like a beautiful bottle of wine. Can't wait to use it. Thank you so much. I'll be ordering again.

Dixon Lu

Specialist in varietal and flavored olive oils & vinegars. Has other tasty snacks, brined olives, etc. Good loyalty program (relatively easy to achieve rewards). Supports bring your own bottles.

Kimberly Webb

Gorgeous olive oil and balsamic. I was recommended the North Beach oil blend and it doesn’t disappoint. Very helpful staff.

Jessica Mullin

Absolutely love this store, it's a treasure and I always make a point of going back there. The staff is always friendly and knowledgeable, and the balsamic vinegars are my favorite little indulgence.

Roz Itelson

Buying olive oil as a gift. Tasted several oils before purchasing. Olives used are very fresh.

DeeDee Hunt

Love the variety and quality of the olive oil and vinegar. The events are super fun and intimate. And they have a bottle refill program and tasting club!

Carole Noonan

Wonderful shop with a wide variety of olive oils, gourmet foods and some unusual gift items. Love this shop and the owner Jannell is a delight.

Steen Clarke

Great selection of olive oils and vinegars. The staff knows a lot about olive oils, and they can help you pick one to your personal tastes.

Jen Gm

I love this place. Their different flavors of Balsamic and Olive oil are excellent for salad, sandwiches, steak etc.. I am from LA and I visit this place everytime I'm in Sfo. Customer service is excellent.

Lynne Rolland-Newburne

Their butter olive oil for frying fish is awesome. Easy staff to talk to and answer your questions.

Michael Lundbom

Outstanding staff here is happy to show you samples and discuss their products. I tried about ten varieties and then bought a bottle for myself. I would go back.

Adolfo Martinez

Incredible olive oil and you can bring your bottles and fill them and they had beautiful are there Olive products I highly recommended

Lana Nieves

Such a Wonderful Shop! Looking for that perfect hostess gift or even a little something to toss with your yummy salad. Great service.

Matt R

Amazing selection of local olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Excellent customer service too!

Sabine Balden

The most amazing oils and vinegars I have ever seen. Very friendly staff, great location.

M.E. Francis

Friendly staff and great selection. Come in for the tastings! Janell is super helpful and will answer all of your questions with a smile.

André Srinivasan

When your realize you can do much much better than Whole Foods or Costco brand oil and vinegar, go see Janelle at Olive This Olive That.

Benjamin B.

I love the English Toffee Balsamic Vinegar! This is definitely one on my favorites shops in San Francisco.

Theresa Cross

Great olive oil and other specialty items. Bayview pasta sold there if you are lucky to get it before it sells out

Janet Lopez

I just got my garlic olive oil ...one of my favorite places in SF to shop!

Alma T.

Friendly knowledgeable staff, great suggestions & of course delicious oils & vinegars. I will be back!

David Marsiano

Great selection of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Connie Oh

Really cute shop. They do great at gift sets in cute boxes.

Yuri Moreno

This place sells incredible aged balsamic.

Monika Basina

Beautiful place with friendly staff.

Michael Evans

Such a great spot.

Rich Tr

This place is great !

Mao Nishida

A small size balsamic vinegar costs about $8, making it a perfect souvenir. The store staff are also very kind.

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Reviews from FACEBOOK

AliceAnn Allen Wilson

I visited Olive This Olive That in the spring and went home (Kansas City) with some small bottles of oil and vinegar. I was back in San Francisco recently and made sure I returned to get bigger bottles of what I had bought earlier. Their oils and vinegar are of high quality and add wonderful flavor to our marinades and seasoning.

Rize Up Bakery

Olive this Olive that is the Best around!!!

Maggan Ringsparr Larsson

The cutest store in SF. Love it!

Stephen Lee

The smartest ladies I know when it comes to olive oil, olives and all they encompass.Thank you for the dedicated art in your work.All reactions:11

Karla Rosales-Barrios

Delicious specialized Olive Oils and supports local small premium food entrepreneurs!

Anna Frost

I was in a pickle, in the middle of a pandemic. Janelle saved the day. Wanting desperately to gift some wonderful clients on the day they became the owners of their first home, I was searching google and stumbled on this store. I couldn't go there and I couldn't see what was in the store. But the reviews were great. And, when I started talking to Janelle, I knew I was in good hands. She walked me through her recommendations of items for a basket that included choices of gluten free pasta, sauce, tapenade, crackers, finishing oil, chocolate and more. She assembled the basket, sent me a picture for approval, stayed in my budget and personally delivered it that evening! It was perfect, and our clients were delighted. I cannot wait until I can shop there myself. I am grateful!

Delara Vafaeinejad

Quality olive oils! Unique tastes and fun atmosphere.

Stephanie Thoma

I love the wide variety of creative flavors and pairings of olive oil for salads, fish, and desserts. The Meyer lemon and dark cherry are my favorites! It's in such a great nook on Vickburg street and always so fun to visit.

Christal Williams

GREAT shop. Excellent selection of oil, vinager variety, salts, and much more. Janelle is delightful, friendly and knowagable. will be a regular stop when we come to SF. She also has a Club and dies mail order!

Carol Cunningham

Passionate, sustainable, local, woman- owned business

Sylvia K. Sommer

For a wide selection of premium olive oils, and specialty vinegars, this quaint shop is the place. The owner is very personable and hosts food and wine tasting events that I plan on checking out. Try the Mission olive oil!

Ann Marie Packard

Best Olive Oil & Balsamic vinegar in SF! Lots of fun specialty food items as well. Love the little mom & pop shops we have, let’s keep them thriving!

Curtis Wallis

What an amazing store and an even more amazing owner. Stop by to say hello to Janell and get some delicious olive oil!

Janet Lopez-Dove

The best Olive Oil around, we order on line; OlivethisOlivethat

Astrid Varteressian

Fantastic products, wonderful service. Great place to get unique gifts for friends and family. Love this place!

Lisa Q. Fetterman

They get some olive oils from just 4 hours away from the city and harvest their own! That's so amazing,

Kevin Ohashi Lopez

Amazing service and quality! Janell is so sweet and energetic, and takes her time to tell you exactly what you're tasting. Treats you like one of the family! Spread the word everyone this place is AMAAAAAAAZING!

KJ Landis

This store was my eye opening into sustainable local certified organic and first press of the season. Olive oil that is as good for your heart and cholesterol and skin and sex hormones as it is delicious. Thank you for the education.

Carlos E. O'Daly

Best specialty olive oil in San Francisco. The store is absolutely great.

Chad Pradmore

Janell is the best...! And the olive oil and pasta are amazing also.


Reviews from TRIPADVISOR

wfpk43 of Palm Coast, FL

Wonderful customer service! Richard went above and beyond showing me the excellent oils and vinegars in the store. I wanted one of everything. I didn’t try anything that I didn’t like. The locals are so fortunate to have this gem of a store. I’ll be ordering online.

Rearldavis of Marin County, CA

Great products and wonderful ambiance! This is a real find and worth stopping in or going to Noe Valley on purpose. Wonderful selection of the finest olive oils and balsamic vinegars. In addition Janell is a superb hostess. It is worth getting on their mailing list and attending their many special events.
Besides since I discovered their olive oils I have to go back more often because I use them a lot. Thanks, Janell

Dani B. of San Francisco, CA

Olive oil, soaps, pasta, candles -- Everything you could get in a large grocery store or on line. Olive This Olive That "gets" why small, local business matters. They're always warm and inviting. They give back to the community time and time again with locally harvested products, demonstrations and community events. Can't say enough, other than give them your business, they deserve it!

Jill A A of San Francisco, CA

The Best Freshest Flavorful Olive Oil & Vinegars - Great Experience! My family loves this shop! Their extra virgin olive oils are fresh, local, flavorful and their infused olive oils and balsamic vinegars are out of this world. The very helpful and knowledgable staff are always ready to offer great pairing suggestions like blood orange balsamic and lime olive oil or mango and citrus habanero. All of the extra virgin olive oils are certified by the Calif. Olive Oil Council and come from local farmers - find out what polyphenols are and why olive oil is green and grassy. This is a woman owned business and these women love what they do and know what they're talking about. Go. You'll have an amazing experience and come home with delicious healthy olive oil! Also great for gifts.

Reviews from Other Websites

selwayfalls via Reddit

Went here for the first time and it's amazing. All the best local producers.

S1159P via Reddit

They'll let you do tastings too, so you can figure out which you like best. Excellent knowledgeable customer service!

Paula P. of San Francisco, CA via Mercato

Olived it!

Hesham E. of San Francisco, CA via Mercato

Excellent products and service!!

Johah Price via Foursquare

Be sure to get a sample of the fruity flavors of Basalmic Vinegar. You'll literally have never tasted anything like it. (The owner says that she's made Italian Soda's out of them!)

Kirema Garcia-Reyes via Foursquare

Plum basil balsamic with the basil olive oil is amazing!

Eliza Rouse via Foursquare

Sample EVERYTHING. Great price for quality.

Chris Messina via Foursquare

Try the lime olive oil and coconut white balsamic. Together.

Reviews left by customers on Square

Linda Knight

The best of small business. Buy local from the experts. Great products and service.


Lady was great! Friendly and informative. I'll be back! Great selection! Friendly customer service!


Always fantastic. So friendly and helpful. Excellent friendly !


Absolutely love the olive oils from this place. I come every time im in San Francisco


Beautiful Products!


Great shop and knowledgeable staff person. Love the selection of EVOO as well as vinegars, and associated sundries. This neighborhood store def. punches above its’ (sq ft) weight - and has excellent word of mouth reputation to prove it. Good experience for sure - we bought small size vinegar, but will be back in future for other products.

Lucy Garcia

Always excellent! It's the best shop in Noe Valley

Maxine Fasulis

Great neighborhood shop!

Bobbi McGowan

Thanks as always came away happy

Teresa Carroll

Very pleasant great personality

Elizabeth Sousa

There is much to love about this place.

Iris Fluellen

I love this place! A neighborhood gem.

Darci Kendrick

Love your products!
Also, the receipt looks great. Have a great day!


All aspects were excellent.


The 12-YEAR Balsamic Vinegar is fresh and delicious and lasts a long time! THANK YOU!

Arlene Waksberg

I love visiting your store. It is so welcoming and there are so many interesting products to look at.


Wonderful place, can’t wait to comeback!


Great tasting olive oils, I’ve been coming for years . Met melody today, new employee, she’s great, Skilled and enthusiastic about food. I couldn’t wait to get home and start cooking with my new olive oils. Unfortunately, don’t prefer the new paper labels over the etched glass but taste is still same/great.


Everything was

Marilyn Obedzinski

Always a treat to spend time in this store . The Rize up bread is delicious (as is the chocolate almond butter..)!

loreta Torres

Personal touch I always get when I shop at otto💕 is wonderful.

Anne Raeff Lori Ostlund

We love coming in and chatting. Our visit was a bright spot during a difficult week.

Timothy Isom


Karla Barrios

Fabulous-Ness! Happy Pride!

Kathleen Battaglini

I love your products and shopping at OTOT Happy Holidays!

Carol Britschgi

Always a wonderful experience!

Laura Small


Missy Lowe

If you haven’t been, you need to go!! Great olive oils and balsamic a plus delicious breads and pastas!

Christine Osborne

A wonderful place. All around great place to shop

Christal Williams

We love this shop. We always look forward to exploring, finding something new and picking up new tea towels. ☺️

Dorothy Wullenwaber

Pleasant experience ! Thank you

Manny Herskovich

Very attentive and supportive service.

Yvonne Curley

Lovely tasting at Olive. This is a lovely mom and pop store in Noe Valley. Worth a visit for some excellent olive oil, fresh pasta and bread! What more could you want. Lovely personal service and knowledge, plus tastings. Can't go wrong. I'll be back.


Friendly, helpful, knowledgable while helping me choose a gift. I had a great time browsing and the staff were so wonderful.

Collette Beil

Olive oil club so no other apply. My son is really enjoying your selections and he is very very particular! Thanks, Collette

Jacqueline Sutter

Great product and service. Thank you! Jacqueline Sutter

Dorothy Brown

I was impressed at how well you managed so many celebrants in a small space. Happy 10th Anniversary (again)!

Brendon O'Neill

Thanks so much; excited to try your olive oil!!

Victoria Annis

I like to come here when in the area.


Friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Gary Gerwig

Wonderful place! Fantastically helpful staff! Amazing, high quality products. I learned all about olive oil! I have a much better understanding and respect for the value of this food!!

Catalina Perez

A great and friendly place to shop all around!!!


The best 🍃🍃

Jill Balabis

Stellar experience, as always! I finished off my Christmas shopping in 1 location, perfection!

Shoaleh Ghaffari

Rachel was very warm


Absolutely delightful place and we were made to feel right at home.


Friendly owner and polite salesman

Audry Delucia

Tips to Tails a great experience! Thanks Janelle! Olive your place! Audry

Mickey Donnelly

this shop is a gem!


Nice to know about this store. Great sampling. I bought the Noe Valley Olive Oil. My sister & I used to live in Noe Valley & we wondered into this place while looking forward a restroom

Reviews left by customers on Square (cont'd)

Nicholas Dinicola

Looks like a good product

Jennifer Huey

It was nice meeting you, Janelle! Thank you for honoring the Too Good Too Go order! - Jen.

Ann Gilmore

Friendly store employees & clients!

Stephanie Tamulevich

A lovely shop

Laura Davidson

Great store with lots of fun items. I was impressed with the owner janell and her knowledge and relationship with the farmers and California Olive Council.

Dana Hall

Only could stop in for a moment (for safety) to buy a quick gift. So many selections I panicked and I just went with something listed as a gift suggestion! You wrapped it so nicely and my brother in law LOVED it. Yay! A Happy

Kathleen Mitchell

Always a great experience. Glad you are there.

Janet Bailey

Emma was wonderful

John Mason

A very elegant olive oil boutique!!! I love your products and your many selections...👍👍👍👍👍❤️

Irene Contreras

Normally stop by for blood orange olive oil. From now on will check each and every nook and cranny. Enjoy staff always knowledgeable pleasant and helpful. Tell friends about huge olive oil selection.

Kristina Altmayer

The salesperson, Sonoma, at the Farmers Market booth, was friendly and helpful. She made great recommendations too!

Anna Johengen

Love your Balsamics

Henry Mally

Friendly , helpful staff.

Helene Wenzell

Always delightful to visit OTOT!

Susan Levitt

Thanks for home delivery!

David Sassoon

just great service, high quality products and a local small business that we love.

Jodi Garcia

Nice lady and helpful

Aj Ward

Melanie was great! Love the products and she was a big help!

Elizabeth Rich

Outstanding Balsalmic Vineagar. Can’t wait to try other products.

Pam Souza

Owner is fabulous!

Frank Grandits

I had an overall enjoyable experience, and the service was helpful.

Bobbi Levenson

Love the place and people!

Veronica Ruedrich

The owner is so upbeat and pleasant. A very positive shopping experience and I love the new ceramic from Italy.

Kathryn Hillgrove

Great information on using and storing olive oil. Love your enthusiasm for your wonderful products!

Irene Chan

You can try the oil and vinegar before purchasing

Barbara Wein

Love your wares and staff!

Nancy To

Great little gem we have in our neighborhood

Kate Wallace

Wonderful employee. Very friendly and knowledgeable about the product. Would come again! Please open in Oakland :)

Andrea Glass

A great experience coming here and getting educated to the magic of olive oils & balsamic vinegars by such a friendly human in a warm space!

Beth Kershaw

I love this place! Thank you for having my favorite vinegars and more!

Pearl Young

Such a joy to find a store that awakens the palette to so many options....a true delight; so glad to have this shop in this quiet neighborhood.

Nancy Casciani


Pat Mejia

Love OTOT - always the perfect gift! And Niko and Janell were super helpful and fun!!

Nancy King

excellent everything.


I love that I can taste the delicious gifts I am buying for our client gifts. Olive your shop!

Nancy Ware

Love this place. Found Blood Orange Olive oil and White Balsamic Vinegar- It's an amazing combination and makes every salad seem like a 5 star restaurant!

Edward To

The staff are wonderful and helpful. The merchandise is amazing.

Linda Tung

Tasting and talking - lots of fun!


Happy to rediscover yer spot after years away from Noe.