The Why Behind

The Why Behind

The Why Behind Our New Logo and Look 

We've been rolling this out since our 10-year anniversary in June; however, many of you have not seen it yet, nor know the meaning or reasons behind the new look.
So, here is a little more about our new logo and rebrand. First, it’s more modern and functional. It's fresh and the coloful bottle labels distinguish the difference between extra virgins, infused oils, and vinegars. Additionally, one label fits the various bottle sizes we offer. yeah! And, yes, you can still bring bottles back clean and dry to refill and receive a $3 discount for each bottle.
Going deeper the message behind the design is holistic and healing. It is about health, wellness, and community by elevating simple food. Our mission is to connect with our community through top-notch quality, people, and products.
The colors are warm and grounding (who doesn't need a little grounding these days!) and remind us of our olive oil & vinegar :)
The circle represents wholeness, flow, and community. No beginning and no end.
The bird with the olive branch symbolizes peace, freedom, hope, and resilience. 
Combined it creates a message we want to continue spreading.
A big shout out to our designer Dee Dee Hunt of ARTdeezine for working with us to create this new logo and rebrand that captures our deeper mission and meaning.
We love OLIVE you! And hope you love our new look as much as we do.
Janell xo


Full Circle: A Trip to Provence

Travel is Soul Food

I recently returned from Provence and a visit with my mom and bonus Dad, Bob. Mom and I discovered Bargemon, a sweet 16c village in the mountains, 25 years ago. Unknowingly, my time there would inspire the design and mission of Olive This Olive That.

Olive trees were everywhere and I stumbled across an ancient mill - in the village of Bargemon! The romance continues.



French Linen Towels at OTOT!
I brought back some linen dish towels that I found at a lovely little farmers' market in Fayence. They are soft, elegant, colorful, and have a little cloth hook to hang dry. My suitcase was stuffed so I don't have many! They'll make wonderful hostess and holiday gifts, especially paired with your favorite olive oil or vinegar.
Call to order if you can't make it to the shop. They are available in-store only.



Little Apple Treats Apple Cider Vinegar
It's apple season too! And we finally have our favorite apple cider from Sebastopol back in stock. Little Apple Treats Apple Cider Vinegar is very flavorful, fresh-tasting, and tart. It adds the perfect punch to sauces and vinaigrettes. 



Kumquat Mandarin Co-milled Olive Oil 15% off

A Special Treat
This is such a uniquely flavored fused olive oil. Fresh kumquats and oranges were thrown in the mill with olives for a very fragrant and citrusy olive oil. 
The oranges are sweet and the kumquats add citrusy, tangy flavors. So good for vinaigrettes, chicken, and sweets such as brownies!
We love baking with olive oil. Cakes and brownies come out super moist. These olive oil brownies add lots of citrusy flavor with a kick of tart and sour. Enjoy this olive oil brownie recipe for a Fall treat.