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PRMRY Transform - 2023 Harvest

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This robust finishing oil plays a starring role in your dish — it will stand out and make you take notice. It pairs perfectly with tomato, crudités, cheese, soup, salad, beef, pork, lamb, bread, and even ice cream — but will taste delicious with whatever you fancy.

You'll note aromas and flavors of fresh cut-grass, green olive, green banana, artichoke, and arugula.

Erin and Janell, both olive oil sommeliers, wanted to created a brand that helped consumers use, choose, and enjoy extra virgin oil. The colorful label is a nod to their San Francisco / Bay Area roots and a healthy, diverse rainbow of fresh food.

PRMRY’s bottles are sealed with a wooden closure pour spout, and made of glass coated with eco-friendly, organic, UV spray to protect the oil from light.


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