20% Off EVOO

20% Off EVOO

20% OFF Extra Virgin Olive Oils!

We’ve come to the end of February so we thought we’d send some more love your way to warm your hearts during our unprecedented cold and snow here in the Bay Area. How does 20% off all 2021 EVOOs sound? See below.

It’s also the end of Black History Month so giving some love and shout-outs: RIZE UP congratulations; Art exhibiiton in SF with a focus on Black women; Black history stories; and an enraging Black farmer situation.
Lastly, updates on the 2022 harvest oils. What's coming and when We've got some new varieties in store for you.



SOURDOUGH & OLIVE OIL - the perfect pair


Meet the maker behind the amazing sourdough. Azikiwee is shaking up the sourdough industry in the Bay Area. The only black baker among the lot. He bakes bread with a mission born out of the social and racial injustice of blacks in America. Congrats Z! Check out the article in Edible and some of his bread if you haven't already.

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2022 California Harvest EVOO Line up
2022 harvested extra virgins are on the way! Here's what's in store this year:
+ Taggiasca (mild)
+ Sevillano (in tins; mild)
+ Arbequina (mild this year)
+ Arbosana (medium)
+ Frantoio (medium)
+ Tuscan Blend (robust)
+ Leccino (in bottles; robust)
+ Coratina (robust)
+ Mission (robust)


SAVE 20% on 2021 EVOO!!
We need to make room for our 2022 oils, so 2021 extra virgins are 20% off thru March 8! At checkout, use 
Being a Farmer Ain't Ever Easy...especially when you're black
CW Mallory Freedom Acres Farm
In 1919, Black farmland ownership peaked at 16 to 19 million acres, which was about 14% of total agricultural land. A century later, 90% of that land has been lost. Now, black farmers account for less than 2%. Read more.

I came across this story of a black cattle rancher and farmer in rural Colorado and I just can't shake it. CW Mallory, and his wife, Nicole knew they were taking a risk being black in this conservative part of the state. Things were going well, until they weren't. Now they are being terrorized for being who they are ... kind people, cattle ranchers, farmers, and black. Their white neighborhoods don't want them there. Their animals are being poisoned, their lives are being terrorized, their land is in jeopardy and the authorities are arresting them. It's absolutely insane and so very wrong. 

Please care. Please share. Article.



Black Art, History, and Stories

RESTING OUR EYES: An art exhibition at the ICASF. Curated by Tahirah Rasheed and Autumn Breon. Now through June 25, 2023
Check out these incredible stories nearly lost in time!
- The 6888th Central Postal Directory Battalion: The only all African-American female battalion in WWll.Their motto was “No mail, low morale.” The processed 65,000 pieces of mail in a shift. Read here.
- The History Makers: 3500 stories of Black Americans are now archived and stored in the Library of Congress. Incredible stories!  See 60 Minutes video
"Neither love nor terror makes one blind; indifference makes one blind."
- James Baldwin