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Our California sourced extra virgin olive oils (EVOO) are all certified by the California Olive Oil Counsel, a sign of consistency, authenticity, and excellence. We curate our oils from various small orchards in California developing relationships with the growers and the millers. Our EVOOs are intentionally chosen and arranged in our shop from mild to robust intensity. This intensity is described below with the colored circles.

International Olive Oil
The "old world" has been producing and using great olive oil for thousands of years, understanding its health benefits and varietal differences. Just like our California products, it is important to us to know the source of what we present to you. 

Herb and Fruit Infused olive oils offer another dimension of flavor to any vinaigrette, pasta, marinade or dessert. Our citrus olive oils are co-milled, meaning the fruit is crushed with the olives pulling the oils from from the fruit skins creating bright, zesty flavored olive oil. The herb olive oils are infused for up to three weeks in the olive oil. Technically, infused olive oils are not considered extra virgin because something other than olives is added to the olive oil; however, the base oils are fresh and always from the latest harvest.

Did you know that olive oil is the new hostess gift? We also think it makes great birthday, holiday, staff, and thank you gifts too. Feel good that you're giving something that lasts much longer than a bottle of wine, is healthy, and an opportunity for your friend or family to think of you each time they use it. Our elegant birch boxes with rounded edges and a button clasp were custom-made to house two of our 375ml bottles. Choose from one of six collections.

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